I love St. Patrick’s Day, and every year I try to encourage people to cook corned beef and cabbage, which go on sale for this holiday in the U.S. And whether you make my tried-and-true慢炖锅玉米牛肉或者速溶盆栽果酱用乳脂状的辣根酱,我真的希望你能为假期做一些咸的牛肉。当然我已经推荐了烤白菜用柠檬as the perfect side dish for corned beef.

如果你幸运地有康乃伊肉食,我希望你能使这个惊人剩下的康宁牛肉低碳水化合物迷保烘烤。But even if you don’t make corned beef (or don’t get any leftovers!) you can buy corned beef at the deli and make this low-carb casserole with layers of mashed cauliflower, cabbage, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. If you’re a fan of theReuben Sandwich.那you’ll recognize some of those ingredients and realize how this casserole got its name.

几年前,我看到了一个食谱鲁都烘焙来自我的食谱(可能是Pinterest.!) I realized I could switch out the potatoes for cheesy cauliflower (and use low-sugar Thousand Island dressing) and make this into a delicious low carb dish. It took me a couple of tries to get the recipe and photos how I wanted them, but whenKara我测试了这个最终版本,我们吞噬了它。我希望我听起来不像我完全缺乏谦虚,如果我说这是一种使用剩下的康德牛肉的方法;请享用!




  1. 切碎花椰菜的头,煮熟在煮沸的盐渍的水中。
  2. 排出花椰菜至少5分钟,然后使用沉浸搅拌机(联盟链接)或hand beater to puree the cauliflower with the sour cream.
  3. 搅拌磨碎的瑞士奶酪和葱。
  4. Slice up cabbage, shred corned beef apart and then chop, and measure out the Thousand Island dressing.
  5. 在煎锅中加热橄榄油,炒白菜(用盐,胡椒调味和一点香菜种子。)
  6. 当白菜开始萎缩时,加入康牛肉和煮1-2分钟。
  7. 让冷却几分钟,然后在千岛酱中搅拌。
  8. 我用了a deep casserole dish so you could see the layers, but any glass or crockery casserole dish that’s not too small will work.
  9. 在盘子底部制作一层半碎屑的花椰菜。
  10. 将白菜/康宁牛肉混合物放在上面和顶部,用磨碎的瑞士奶酪。
  11. 然后制作另一层泥状花椰菜,将其传播。
  12. Top with another layer of grated Swiss Cheese.
  13. 烘烤375F / 190C约45分钟,或直到冒泡热,顶部开始棕色。发热。


I promise this will be a hit with anyone who likes corned beef, even if they don’t care about low-carb eating.


低碳水化合物和keto康德亚博app牛肉食谱~ Kalyn’s Kitchen
低碳水化合物油煎的白菜用咸牛肉~ Kalyn’s Kitchen
Leftover Corned Beef Soup with Sauerkraut and Tomatoes~ Kalyn’s Kitchen


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Yield 8.servings
准备时间 30分钟
厨师时间 45分钟
总时间 1hour15分钟



  • 1大头花椰菜
  • 1/3 cup sour cream
  • 2杯磨碎的瑞士奶酪(分开)
  • 1/2杯切绿洋葱
  • 盐和新鲜的黑胡椒味
  • 1个中头绿卷心菜
  • 2 tsp. olive oil
  • 1/2 TSP。Caraway种子(可选)
  • 2杯剩下的咸牛肉,切碎,然后切成一口大小的碎片
  • 1/2杯千岛酱(见注释)


  1. 将烤箱预热至375F / 190℃。用水填充一个半填充物,加入一点盐并煮沸。
  2. While the water heats, trim away the leaves from the cauliflower, keeping the stems; then coarsely chop cauliflower. When the water is nearly boiling, add the cauliflower, turn heat to medium, and cook the cauliflower 10-11 minutes or until it’s barely starting to get tender. (Don’t overcook or the mashed cauliflower will be mushy.) Dump cauliflower into a colander placed in the sink and let it drain at least 5 minutes so it’s not wet.
  3. 把煮熟的花椰菜放回锅中你煮熟的锅,加入酸奶油,并使用沉浸搅拌机(联盟链接)或手动搅拌器(联盟链接)用花椰菜泥。(不要过度混合;我让它略微粗壮。记住它会在烤箱里做更多的烹饪。)混合在一杯磨碎的瑞士奶酪和葱。
  4. 去除任何枯萎的卷心菜,将卷心菜切成季度,切开并丢弃核心。然后切片白菜约3/8英寸厚。将玉米牛肉分开撕成条带,然后剁成咬合尺寸的碎片。
  5. 在大型非棍棒煎锅中加热橄榄油在中高温(我用我的最爱绿色锅(联盟链接)烹饪卷心菜。)当油热,加入卷心菜,将热量变为培养基,并炒白菜,用盐,胡椒调味,如果使用,有一点香菜种子。烹饪约4分钟,直到在某些边缘开始略带棕色。加入咸牛肉,煮1-2分钟。
  6. 关闭热量,让锅冷却一两分钟,然后在千岛敷料中搅拌。
  7. Spray a large casserole dish with non-stick spray or olive oil. (The dish I made this in was about 9″ x 12″.) Put half the mashed cauliflower into the dish and spread into a flat layer. Put the cabbage-corned beef mixture on top of the layer of cauliflower and sprinkle with 3/4 cup grated Swiss cheese. Spread the rest of the mashed cauliflower in a layer on top of that, and sprinkle the cauliflower with another 3/4 cup grated cheese.
  8. 烘烤约45分钟,或直到混合物泡沫热,奶酪开始在顶部轻轻棕色。发热。


我用了Litehouse千岛敷料with 3 carbs per tablespoon for this recipe. Look for the lowest carb dressing you can find.

This recipe adapted by Kalyn and Kara from鲁都烘焙在My Recipes.




Serving Size:


每份的量: 卡路里:291. Total Fat:20g 饱和脂肪:8.g 不饱和脂肪:10.g 胆固醇:61毫克 钠:274mg 碳水化合物:10.g 纤维:3g 糖:6g 蛋白质:18.g

Nutrition information is automatically calculated by the Recipe Plug-In I am using. I am not a nutritionist and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, since many variables affect those calculations.

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For low-carb diets, it’s important to look for Thousand Island Dressing that doesn’t contain a lot of sugar to make Leftover Corned Beef Low-Carb Reuben Bake. (I usedLitehouse千岛敷料with 3 carbs per tablespoon.) Corned beef isn’t really recommended for the South Beach Diet due to the amount of fat, so this is a once-in-a-while treat for South Beach Dieters but I’d certainly make it for St. Patrick’s Day leftovers if you have some. South Beach would also recommend using light sour cream and reduced-fat Swiss cheese if you can find it.


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  1. 今晚会尝试这个惊人的食谱,希望我能做到。谢谢你这么棒的食谱。

  2. This was absolutely delicious and so easy to make. One small tip is to use frozen cauliflower instead of the fresh for a real time saver. Just steam it in the bag, drain well and proceed as in the recipe. I cut the recipe in half and a 12 oz bag of cauliflower was the perfect amount. Thanks for the great recipe! I’ll have to remember it for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day leftovers.

  3. (我将酸菜添加到卷心菜混合物中。)土豆泥,捣碎的胡萝卜,切碎的咸牛肉/白菜/ kraut配上​​瑞士奶酪。它在烤箱里。我丈夫会爱它!

  4. 我可以使用酸菜而不是白菜吗?

  5. 幸运的是,我有大量的剩余康牛肉。今晚要成功。谢谢你的可爱食谱。

  6. 谢谢你这个食谱!!我们用我们剩下的St Patrick的日晚餐做了它,它出现了完美!我做了两个::一个用我们的剩下的土豆泥和胡萝卜,为我的3个种植的男孩和丈夫和花椰菜的一部分低碳水化合物给我!我们保持不变的其他一切,它是一个大的人击中今天午餐去学校!在St Paddy的一天晚餐后再次感谢这个完美的一天

  7. Was really looking forward to this one and it came up short. As I was making it I sampled the sautéed cabbage/corned beef/1000 island mixture and it was really good! I layered it as directed with the cauliflower mash and baked. When we sat down to eat I was disappointed at how mushy the cabbage got. I wonder if it would have been better if I had not sautéed the cabbage and just mixed it with the corned beef raw?

    • 对不起,你很失望,我没有那个问题。你有4分钟的烹饪卷心菜吗?如果是这样,可能会稍短的时间或较低的热量会给你一个更好的结果,但我认为如果你使用原始卷心菜,它将释放大量水分进入成品盘。

  8. I actually have some corned beef in the freezer (and slow cooker has always been my favorite method of cooking it) but I DO NOT like cabbage. Is the cabbage flavor strong? I accept that it is something I should be eating nutritionally and would definitely like ways to incorporate it without gagging

  9. You have caraway seeds in the ingredients but I cant see where you use them in the instructions. Am I missing where its mentioned????

  10. 如果你必须从熟食店购买多少玉米牛肉?

  11. 我的家人每年制作咸牛肉和卷心菜的时候,我知道这款砂锅会被击中。今天我有两种食谱......这个,你的慢炖锅果酱。谢谢你的灵感!

  12. 嗨Kalyn,
    I normally don't like casseroles with mashed potatoes so, this one looks great with the cauliflower

  13. 这看起来像是我今晚在康宁牛肉中留下的是

  14. Well, I won't have any leftover corned beef but my Irish mama definitely will, and some will definitely be coming my way! Now I know what to do with it – in addition to making hash!

  15. 我喜欢咸的牛肉,我认为它会让我经过花椰菜抵抗!这个砂锅看起来像对我的总哇。